Our passion for training, industry professionalism and desire to see our clients achieve results makes us the number one choice for clients with specialist needs. We specialise in clients with health concerns including mental health problems, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, functional deterioration and absolute beginners.

As trainers to the trainer we source the best training systems available, offering you some of the most highly qualified trainers in Liverpool.

Healthiness Ltd believes that everybody deserves the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and physique. We are committed to helping you make lifestyle changes by providing you with the tools, motivation and time to achieve your desired results in a safe, controlled manner.  We implement a holistic approach to health and wellbeing providing lifestyle coaching to promote long term behavioural change with sustainable results.

We specialise in efficient home based programmes that can be completed in the comfort of your own home or office setting without the use of complex equipment. An initial health check and lifestyle consultation will allow us to qualify your needs and provide you with an understanding of how we can achieve your goals and adapt your programme to your desired setting. Our main aim is to train and educate our clients in order that they can train effectively in the home or outdoor environment and develop their confidence and ability to sustain a programme independently.
• Fitness and Muscle Training • Group/Boot Camp Training • Strengthening and Toning
• Increasing Muscle Mass • Detoxification Programme • Nutritional Programme
• Weight Management • Functional Training • Fat Loss
Prices will vary depending on location and needs. A delivery centre is available upon request.

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