‘I’m finding it easier to pick up my own cup and don’t need to ask for help with getting up and out of my chair.’

Cath G., MerseyParks

Chair Fitness Class

'As a carer, this group has given me the confidence to know that I am doing the right things. Who knew that food can affect your mood so much? It has given me tips on how to cope in difficult situations and taught me how important exercise is to keep you moving. I have met so many wonderful people from this group and we socialise out of the class and enjoy going on the walks. I have seen such a reduction of falls as my wife has improved her co-ordination through balance training with the group. The group also gives me respite as it can be hard to deal with my situation.'

Mossley Hill Group

'This class is the only thing I look forward to as I don’t have many visitors. The team are very friendly and the exercises are great. Especially the punching exercises. I didn’t realise I could do it. I struggled a lot from day to day and it's really helped me calm a lot. Chair-based exercise works a treat. I feel so much better in myself and look forward to each session.'

Chair Fitness Class

'I’ve attended Keepfit since it started and I’ve worked my fitness up to a really high level. My body and core strength is unbelievable, even my co-ordination. Last year I started jogging at the age of 66. The team organised a beginner’s programme for me to follow. Having never been a runner, I began by walking for 5 minutes, the jogging, which I repeated 3 times a week on top of the classes. I was surprised that before too long I was able to maintain an easy jog for 25 minutes covering 2.5 km. Since this I’ve now taken up swimming every day and jogging in the evening. If I can’t at least exercise once a day I don’t feel right. I had no trouble completing the Santa Dash at Christmas and recently did the Race for Life with a group of members from the Wednesday class.'

St Michaels & Lark Lane Community Centre/Boot Camp

'I’m so much stronger thanks to attending Healthiness classes - I’m way more active. I do a lot more; I feel after being here for more than two years the difference it has made to me is stupendous. I don’t get the bus as much any more.'

50s+ Dance Aerobics

'I attend Healthiness classes three times a week, go to a rambling club and go on walking breaks. Before, I didn't exercise for years but now I get about six hours of exercise a week.
'Over the two years I’ve been attending I’ve come on leaps and bounds. Look at me now - I did a 5k last month!'


50+ Walking Group
Heathiness Social

‘I think the project is brilliant and it has resulted in lots of benefits for our residents. They look forward to their weekly interaction the team. All staff, residents and their families enjoy joining in and learning about their health. Everyone enjoys it so much.’

Care Assistant

'It is very important to stimulate our clients. Residents benefit by having regular exercise sessions they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. They benefit by singing along, laughing and joking with staff, carers and each other. You can clearly see that the sessions bring our residents out of their shells and improves their overall self esteem and self worth.

'I think the project is very stimulating and beneficial for staff and service users who  enjoy the lively music and pleasant atmosphere. I have noticed greater movement in our residents and it has been a joy to see them remembering bits of the routine from previous weeks.'

Centre Manager
Mersey Parks

'We just want to thank Healthiness Ltd for working with our group supporting their Boccia activities. Mpower People CIC work with disabled people and people with learning difficulties. Working in partnership with Healthiness Ltd, our group is supported to take part in Boccia sessions weekly and attend Boccia Tournaments at Greenbank Sports Academy.'

'The group love taking part in Boccia as it ensures that they are active at least once a week and are able to practice for and take part in Tournaments, against other groups, which is fantastic in reducing social isolation and giving them something to look forward to and take part in.'

Michelle Smith
MPower People CIC

'In 2009, I had a run in with Breast Cancer. While it was very scary, I was lucky that my problems turned out to be minor and after an operation, I am fine. Following this, the hospital carried out thorough checks and I was subsequently diagnosed with IBS, underactive thyroid and osteopenia.

'The Healthiness Ltd Boot Camp instructors are brilliant - they push you to achieve without being pushy or overbearing; they support you and appreciate your effort. I persevered through the winter months with dark nights and rain, and thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of exercises. The camaraderie grew as the class grew, which was excellent!

'I have completely changed my fitness, and whilst I am no Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis, I enjoy exercising. It’s been hard work, but for the monthly fee and 3 sessions a week, I have rebuilt my bone density - that is priceless.'

Gail Reynolds
Healthiness Ltd Boot Camp

'Bootcamp has helped me discover a strength that I didn't know I had. Sue and her team are amazing - they know just when to push and when to give you a pat on the back!'

Healthiness Ltd Boot Camp
'I really love Boot Camp - it has helped me to become fitter and more toned. I have had plantar fasciitis and the staff really helped me through it and gave me alternative exercises. It's also great to exercise with other people.'

Healthiness Ltd Boot Camp