Active Bingo

Active Bingo is a new and innovative way to increase physical activity/exercise participation amongst those in the community who may not be currently participating in any exercise. It aims to increase exercise participation from 0-30 mins per week, and show participants that exercise can be fun. It ties in with the Liverpool City Strategy to get ‘More People, More Active, More Often’.

How does it work?
  • Active Bingo works in a similar way to regular Bingo. Participants are given a bingo card and a marker pen; the only difference is this bingo card has picture actions on it instead of numbers.
  • The instructor calls out an action. It is demonstrated and the participants then copy the action for the designated time to the appropriate sound track on the instructor’s playlist.
  • If the participant has the action on their card they then mark it off.
  • This is repeated until a participant has a line or a full house and all pictures have been crossed off their card.
  • The Instructor then checks the participants card with the callers’ card and awards a small prize to the winner.
'Since I’ve started doing the classes I can walk further I can walk twice as far as I used to so that's a triumph for me. It’s been a light in the week and is something to look forward to.'  Marg, Active Bingo participant

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