Exercise classes for people with chronic joint pain

ESCAPE-pain is an NHS rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain of the knees or hips which integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant. It helps people understand their condition, teaches them simple things they can help themselves with and takes them through a progressive exercise programme so they learn how to cope with pain better.

Each rehabilitation programme consists of twice-weekly sessions lasting for five weeks, incorporating exercise and health education. The course costs £25, which is refunded upon completion subject to a referral from a physiotherapist*.

We are proud to have been selected to deliver ESCAPE-pain in the Liverpool area, with sessions serving both the north and south of the city. We now also offer ESCAPE-pain in the Darlington area as well as virtually via the Zoom app nationwide.

* Terms & Conditions apply

Places are limited for ESCAPE-pain. To register, please contact us.

For more information about the ESCAPE-pain programme and its benefits, please see the dedicated ESCAPE-pain website.

Liverpool Face-to-Face Sessions

North Liverpool

Next 5 week programme starts Tuesday 19th March 2024
Spaces available

Tuesdays 1.00pm - 2.15pm
Thursdays 1.00pm - 2.15pm

Anfield Sports & Community Centre

Breckside Park, Lower Breck Road, Tuebrook
L6 0AG

Local Bus Routes: 14, 14A, 14B, 14C, 68
Nearest Railway Station: Kirkdale (2 miles)

South Liverpool

Next 5 week programme starts Monday 18th March 2024
Spaces available

Mondays 1.00pm - 2.15pm
Wednesdays 1.00pm - 2.15pm

Lark Lane Community Centre

Sefton Grove, off Lark Lane, Aigburth
L17 8XB

Local Bus Routes: 4, 60, 82
Nearest Railway Station: St Michaels (0.6 miles)

Darlington Face-to-Face Sessions

Next 5 week programme begins Monday 26th February
Spaces available

Mondays 11:30am - 12:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 10:30pm

Eastbourne Sports Complex
Bourne Ave, Darlington

Virtual Escape-pain Zoom Sessions

Next programme starts Tuesday 13th  February2024
Spaces available

Tuesdays 5.00pm - 6.15pm
Thursdays 5.00pm - 6.15pm

Zoom App
Free to download via the Microsoft, Apple or Google stores

Functional Fitness Class

We also offer a post ESCAPE-pain class which is perfect for those who have previously been on the ESCAPE-pain programme with us or other rehabilitation groups such as pulmonary or cardiac rehab.

These sessions are designed to help you continue ESCAPE-pain styled exercise circuits in a familiar environment and we will ultimately guide you towards transitioning into other Healthiness classes to suit you. The classes do not have an education element, instead incorporating additional functional exercises which build strength, stability and mobility across the body.

These Functional Fitness classes run alongside the main E.P. programme in both the north and south of Liverpool.

North Liverpool Class

Tuesdays 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Thursdays 2.30pm - 3.30pm

£4 per session

Anfield Sports & Community Centre
Breckside Park, Lower Breck Road, Tuebrook
L6 0AG

South Liverpool Class

Mondays 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Wednesdays 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Fridays 12.00pm - 1.00pm

£4 per session

Lark Lane Community Centre
Sefton Grove, off Lark Lane, Aigburth
L17 8XB

Darlington Classes

                  Wednesdays 11.15am                                                                                                             Wednesdays 3.15pm

                         Free class                                                                                                                                 £5 per session

                            Venue:                                                                                                                                                 Venue:
Coffee & Connect, Auditorium 2 at Glow Church                                                                            Eastbourne Sports Complex
          Long Tens Way, Newton Aycliffe                                                                                                      Bourne Ave, Darlington
                 County Durham, DL5 6AP                                                                                                                          DL1 1LJ

ESCAPE-pain Testimonials

“Loved attending these classes, it has definitely helped me manage my pain.” Anne

“I’m so pleased to have found out about the Escape Pain course. The two teachers Andy and Jenny have both been excellent in explaining everything. I have looked forward to the classes every week.” Steve

“Really enjoyed course and can now stand from sitting position something, I could not do at the start of course. Also find going up stairs easier thank you so much Healthiness!” George

“Classes has really helped me with my outlook towards my condition and the staff make me feel really positive”.         John

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