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Healthiness Exercise Referral Programme

Our inclusive programme provides exercise classes designed for people over 50 years of age and for a wide range of abilities, including adults living with mental health conditions, dementia (or a high risk of developing dementia), carers, and adults with addiction and substance misuse problems.

Classes are delivered in safe settings at regular times each week by specialised exercise trainers and we offer a wide variety of classes at a number of venues across Liverpool. Our classes include walking and cycling groups, chair based exercise classes,
sports based classes, as well as the more conventional dancing, toning and circuit based classes. We also provide guidance on which classes and venues will be most appropriate for each person.

All our classes are regularly reviewed and evaluated helping us to offer new and innovative approaches to exercise that can improve adherence to exercise for long term health benefits for older people.

What do classes cost?
Our low cost classes are priced between £2 and £4 per class and walking groups are free.

How to join the programme
Our programme can be accessed via two routes: a patient can self-refer directly into our programme or they can be referred to our programme by a GP or Health Practitioner.

Referral Form

Below is the online version of our combined Escape-Pain and PAR-Q referral form.

Alternatively, we can send a printable version via e-mail on request; please see the Contact Us page.

Classes We Offer

We offer the following classes for a range of needs and abilities:

Chair-based classes including Chair Fitness, Chair Boxercise, Active Bingo and Boccia. These classes are suited for frailer older adults and adults living with progressed dementia – who may have limited mobility, balance and fitness. These classes are typically 30 to 45 minutes of very low to low intensity exercise.

Better Balance and Memory Fit classes are part of the community falls and fracture management programme (FaME). Led by postural stability instructors, the classes aim to improve balance, co-ordination and strength, and to reduce falls and improve active daily living. These classes are for adults who may be a high risk of falling which includes adults with dementia. The classes are ideally suited for people progressing from a chair based class but we also offer seated options.

ESCAPE-pain arthritis education and exercise classes are part of a nationwide NHS rehabilitation programme that we have been appointed to deliver on a rolling 6 week basis. The classes aim to help people with arthritis manage their pain and improve their strength and joint function. Community Fitness classes include Dancing, Toning, Yoga, Circuit Training, Boxercise and Stretching. They are for people over 50 or people living with a long term mental health condition and are suitable for beginners and more advanced individuals. Classes focus on improving strength, cardiovascular function and the classes also place a strong emphasis on social interaction.

Walking and Cycling classes are for people who want to increase their weekly exercise minutes and are ideally suited for beginners. Sessions have a social element to promote social interaction.

Couch to 5K and Beginner's Boot Camp classes are suitable for all ages and all abilities. The classes are targeted at people who need more of a challenge but who also require the support and guidance from trained staff to progress their fitness journey.

 'I have lost a considerable amount of weight and acquired more strength and flexibility than I believed achievable. Now approaching my seventieth birthday, I engage more enthusiastically in physical activity including walking, gardening, yoga, playing football with my grandson and dancing round the kitchen! I no longer live in fear of getting older, nor am I willing to accept "It’s just your age" as a medical diagnosis… and I have more treasured friends than I have ever had at any time in my life.'  Vida, beneficiary

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